It is our pleasure to welcome you back for the summer season.  Our first few events have certainly been successful ones. Our clean up day, annual May meeting and welcome back potluck, provided the opportunity to reconnect with friends we haven’t seen for a while.

As we move in and start to spend more time in our community please note a few gentle reminders.  The customary Cedar Springs wave reminds us we all belong. As our friends come into the community, kindly remind them to take care when entering and exiting the property, particularly because of the sightline issues created by the guardrails installed by the City of Burlington.  Speed bumps are installed to slow everything down – it’s a nice change of pace from our otherwise busy lives, and with many children riding bikes and playing ball games, we need to be alert to all the activity while exercising caution.

Help us keep our community clean and tidy by recycling responsibly and keeping garbage contained, and to a minimum.  Refrain from the use of glass at the beach so that we don’t have any injuries. Water quality postings will be made available at the beach and on the website for the purpose of safe swimming. Please note that children need to be supervised by adults as there will not be regular lifeguards on duty this summer.

Our communications committee has worked diligently to create a digital presence, and it’s looking really great!  Please go online to see photos of activities from the various events as well as to register for upcoming events. Copies of the condensed post will be available in the hall.  Although this is a change from past years, we commend the communications team for moving us into an environmentally friendly and accessible method of information sharing and we look forward to this new way of communicating.  Your support to make this change is appreciated and we look forward to hearing your feedback at the conclusion of the season.

Only those who hold a valid driver’s license may drive a golf cart. Please do not allow underage members to drive as this poses a risk for all.

Thank you to the Board of Directors and to all the Committee Chairs for their hard work and dedication in organizing for our upcoming season.  We are most grateful for the many hours that have gone into the planning and coordination required to run a successful summer at “The Springs”.

With best regards,
Laurie and Doug

Family. Play. Preserve.