1. Ready golf is encouraged when it can be done in a safe and responsible way. Any shot should be played in 40 seconds or less
2. You may now play your ball from the putting surface to an unattended flagstick left in the hole, even if your ball hits the flagstick, without penalty
3. When dropping a ball, it is now dropped from knee height
4. The time allowed to search for a ball has been reduced to 3 minutes
5. You may move loose impediments, touch the ground with your hands and ground your club in a ‘Penalty Area’ (hazard) without penalty
6. There is no longer a penalty if a player accidentally moves his or her ball during search
7. As an additional relief option when a ball is Lost or Out of Bounds: To help speed up Pace of Play, a player may under penalty of 2 strokes estimate the location of the lost ball/where the ball went out of bounds, go to the edge of the fairway closest to that point and drop the ball within one club length into the fairway and play from where the ball comes to rest.

These new rules, plus others, will be posted in the Hall on the Golf Bulletin Board.

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