Ten of our older golfers enjoyed two hours of instruction at Carlisle Golf and Country Club with instruction from pros Brody and Mike. Henry & Charlotte Sclater, Liam & Colin Skelton, Gray & Jack Greco, Sarah Wilcox, Dani Zwolak, Teddy Prins & Jessie Paget were split into two groups and alternated between the iron and driver practice on the driving range and fun games and contests on the putting green. Players putt along a yard stick into a golf cup and had to chip over a pool noodle towards a hole for prizes. Instruction at the driving range was personalized so grip, stance, swing motion (leading with your hips) and more topics were presented. Afterwards Brody commented on how polite & well behaved our juniors were.

Kingston & Eden Cornelius, Kepler & Tycho Hamp, Finn & Ryder McMahon, Veronica Campbell, and Oscar Paré stayed here and had lots of fun decorating their own golf balls, discussing some goals of the game and putting. This week we learned how to putt on the greens, count all our putts, be our own ‘policeman’, record and count our scores. We laid a baseline putting score for the summer. Our lowest score was 32 and highest was 77! We will have fun measuring the progress made throughout the summer.

Thanks to the volunteer drivers: Ruth Beyers, Roy Skelton, Dan Forrest, Maureen Crane, Jim Wilcox and Betty McMahon and ‘on call’ drivers Jody Paget and Lauren Campbell. Next Monday Brody and an assistant will be coming to our course for more junior golf lessons.

Family. Play. Preserve.