Dear Members,

The Pickleball/Basketball area is now open for use. The Tennis Courts will be ready for use shortly and similar rules will be in place.

As a reminder, at this time the facilities are to be accessed by members only. Please adhere to the following rules.


  • There will be no shared or community equipment. Bring your own paddles, water, towels and balls (please mark your balls with your initials).
  • At this time only singles Pickleball is permitted by the Province of Ontario. Play only with members of your household or family or individuals you believe are low risk
  • Please limit your playing time to 1 game (or 20 minutes) if people are waiting.
  • While playing, maintain 2-metres (6 feet) distance at all times. Avoid all physical contact.
  • Wear gloves and/or a mask while playing.
  • Please do not gather at the pavilion while waiting. No spectators are allowed.
  • If you are playing a person that you are not living with please serve your own ball, pick up your own ball or use paddles or feet to return the ball to the server.
  • Sanitize your ball before each game.

For further information on how to keep safe while playing pickleball, attached are the guidelines and recommendations from Pickleball Canada: 

Please note that Pickleball Canada rules are superseded by both the province and CSCC rules/regulations for COVID-19 and social distancing.


  • There will be no shared or community equipment. Please bring your own ball.
  • Only same household families can use the basketball net at one time with their own ball.
  • Do not gather at the pavilion. If others are waiting please limit playing time to 20 minutes.
  • No spectators allowed.

The basketball net will be placed at the best possible spot so that both Pickleball and Basketball can be played. Please do not move the equipment.

The playground/slide/swings remains off limits as per Provincial guidelines.

Best regards,

Beach and Tennis Committee

Family. Play. Preserve.