SPRINGERS LOVE THEIR CARS – and with good reason 

We had an amazing turnout on Sunday afternoon for our first Cedar Springs Car Show.   Thank you to the owners of the 35 different vehicles that came out.  We had cars and trucks from every decade for the past 60 years.  From Ron Watson’s 1959 MGA to a visiting Tesla Model X that was only 3 weeks old.  Almost all the cars that showed up came from driveways around the Springs.  

Springers definitely have a thing for German sports cars which made up the biggest group. We had the top models from Porsche, Audi and BMW.  Surprisingly, no Mercedes.  British cars were also well represented with (incredibly) 2 McLaren super cars courtesy of Rick Browne and Garret Prins.  Completing the line up of Brits was a Jaguar XKR, a Triumph TR6 and the classic MGA.   

There was a full line up of electric vehicles and, with the help of the Tesla owners club of Ontario (based in Kilbride), we had 4 Tesla’s including Model S, 3 and X. Thanks to the Fishers, Myers and Bollingers for bringing out their fully electric Nissan Leaf’s, Smart EV and the hybrid GM Volt. A big thanks to Jef Fisher for generously offering EV test rides in his Leaf. 

There was  a great youth presence of up and coming “Gearheads” with Geoffrey Prins, Matthew Watson, Braden Corp, Jack Pelech Jr., Ryan Miranda and Taylor Gall all bringing out their special rides and project cars. 

The truck category was also well represented with Brent’s 1969 GM Pickup and Shawn Miranda’s Hummer and our guest Robert’s 1993 “ MacGyver” Jeep.  We even had the backhoe there for the kids and aspiring renovators to climb on. 

It was pretty clear from talking to car owners and car lovers, that a special car is a love affair with automotive design, history and performance for everyone involved.  

Thanks again to everyone who came out including visiting helpers and photographers Alex Brock, LoganArnold and Robert Murdoch.

Already thinking of the next time….. 

Geoff Brock 

This is just a small fraction of the hundreds of photos taken!

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