P.G. Wodehouse wrote in his book The Clicking of Cuthbert, “If there’s one thing that gives me a pain squarely in the gizzard, it’s a golf lawyer.” That was his label for those who make pettifogging use of the rules. Or as one self-appointed wit said, “The golf lawyer will not be defrauded of the exercise of his natural, if perverted, intelligence.”

These insulting remarks strike me as not only unfair to lawyers but possibly a violation of the rule against unsportsmanlike conduct. I’m going to look it up right now… but in the meantime I hope you enjoy some FriendlyFlagsticks.

FF No. 1: Eye on the Prize

A couple of weeks ago, Webb Simpson won the 2020 RBC Heritage and put a cool million dollars-plus in his bank account. Some prizes are more interesting than others though. At the 1999 Omega PGA Championship Fran Quinn took home the prize for a hole in one—his weight in whiskey! 175 pounds of it. As pro golfers often say, “It’s not about the money…”

FF No.2: Unsung Hero

There was a time when Ontario’s Lord’s Day Act prohibited sports on Sunday and in particular skittles, ball, rackets or any noisy game. One-hundred-twenty-five years ago, three members of the Toronto Golf Club were convicted of breaching the law when they played golf on Sunday May 26 1895. It took an appeal later that year to quash their convictions. The wise Judge McDougall ruled, “Golf is not a game of ball intended to be prohibited…it is not noisy. The object is to cover a large area in as few strokes as possible.”

So, when you are out there enjoying our beautiful course on a Sunday take a moment to salute this great jurist!

Mike Cochrane

Family. Play. Preserve.