The golf course will be closed on Saturday and Sunday until 3:00 pm.
Please find the list of Tee Times and General Rules for all Players – Please share with all members of your family who are registered to play.
What to Bring
$10 in a baggie with your name inside
Your own water bottle
“Marked” golf balls
Bring some luck – it always helps
Cedar Springs Community Club
2020 Club Championships
Saturday August 30th and Sunday September 1st
Welcome, welcome, welcome!
General Rules
All players are encouraged to familiarise yourselves with the rules of golf prior to play.  There are lots of great videos online describing what to do when your ball is in a red or white staked area or out of bounds – how to drop, penalties etc.  
No practicing on the golf course on Saturday prior to your tee times.  You can play Men’s Sweeps on Sunday.
Arrive at the 1st tee 10 minutes before scheduled tee time – late arrivals could be assigned a stoke penalty.  
Exchange score cards with your opponents.  You are encouraged to keep your own score as well and announce the scores clearly (and agree) after each hole.
All Juniors, Mens 18+, and Women’s 18+ must walk.  Seniors 60+ and all caddies can take a cart.
Juniors and seniors play the tees they normally hit from.  Mens 18+ play from the white tees.  Women 18+ play from the red tees.
Electronic distance measuring devices (rangefinders, watches, phones etc) can be used for distance only.  If other features can not be “turned off”, they can not be used.
Play the ball as it lies.
If there is a dispute about to play in a situation, play 2 balls, complete the hole and record both scores and a decision will be made by the committee (Garth?).
If a ball could be lost, play a provisional ball.  If your 1st ball is found, you must play it.  You have a maximum of 3 minutes to search for a lost ball.
Putt out on all holes.
#1 and #3 holes will have a white circle indicating a drop zone if your ball is out of bounds.  This requires a 2 stroke penalty.
Check your scorecard and sign it.  
If there is a tie after 18 holes, sudden death playoffs will begin on #9, then #7, then #9, then #7 until a winner is declared.
Have fun, 
CSCC Golf Committee
Linda, Garth, Sue and George
Saturday Tee Times
Junior Boys
Ryan Miranda, Charlie Prins, Nick Zwolak
Jesse Paget, Sam Bollinger, Jake Thornberry
Women’s 18+
Jaclyn Conacher Judi Grebenc, Mo Kennedy – Mary Ann
Hannah Thomson, Brittney  Denham,  Tee Kennedy – Emily
Kathy Kingsmill, Linda Thomson, Jann Ashley – Sheri
Sue Craven, Annika Lonsway, Jody Paget – Toni-Lynne
Barb Stevenson Deb Conacher , Carol Lonsway – Christine
Men’s 18+
Jordan Bollinger, Drew Kennedy, Joe McMahon
Stu Bollinger, Kevin Paget, Matt O’Brien
Josh Kingsmill, Simon Campbell, Justin Denham
Garett Prins, Iain Lonsway, Nathan Bollinger
Steve Schmeer,  Braedan Russell, Matt Wasik
Mikey Thomson, Malcolm McDougall, Tim Wasik
Matt Thomson  John McDougall, Mark Grebenc
Shane Conacher Graham Bollinger, Braden Corp, Nic Stevenson
Senior Men’s 60+
Mike Cochrane, Joe Kennedy, Lee Hartwell
Don Fernald, Scott Steveson, George Corneil
Geoff Ingham, Ben Sproule, John Willmott, Ariff Wakani
Junior Girls
Abigail Coultice, Danielle Zwolak, Ella Bulley
Good luck,
Linda, Garth, Sue and George

Family. Play. Preserve.