Saturday….. A Hot, Sticky, Then Very Wet, Mess

A hot sticky mess of a Saturday didn’t stop 52 Springers of all golfing abilities show up to the first tee to register for a promising round of 9 holes with some old friends and some new. The always dapper Mike Cochrane and his always stylish partner Rita showed their complete dedication to the theme by wearing golf attire suited to a fall day in the Scottish Highlands rather than the hot and sticky environment we found ourselves in Saturday.

As the foursomes dispersed to their shotgun start positions, Lee Hartwell, usually an optimist, was heard to say “there is a rain cell coming through in the next 15 minutes, why don’t we stay at the pavilion until it passes?”. Well we all love Lee and usually respect his ideas, but clearly the golf mad mob mentality had set in and the group were NOT going to heed his warning.

The teams dispersed and some got their first tee shots in, most didn’t… and soon a torrential rain descended on the fair-weather Springers. The committee waited a few moments to see if the cell going through might be brief – but unfortunately it wasn’t. The committee then dispersed to inform the fabulous teams that the round was postponed. Immediately some were relieved while others disappointed. Stories of golf cart spinouts due to a combination of slick hills and bald tires were the talk back at the clubhouse though so the decision was made, in the name of player safety, to (re)play the Fabulous Foursome again on the Sunday at high noon.

Take Two: Sunday

Thank you weather – you got it right the second time! It turned into the best weather and day ever seen at Cedar Springs! If fact the weather and the change in timing actually attracted new players and new foursomes were created to accommodate the demand.

At the end of the Scramble some Fabulous golfing teams emerged:

  • First place went to foursome of George Corneil, Spencer Stevenson, Joanne Whiteson and Susan Vivolo (Susan and husband Dom are renting the Meen’s cottage this month)

  • Tied for second place was the foursomes of 1) David Crane ,Geoff Brock ,Jann Ashley and Deb Alford (Barbie Stevenson’s sister) and that of 2) Matt Wasik ,John Willmot, Joanne Blake, and Judi Grebenc (no team photo available)

  • Most honest golfer awards went to Iain Lonsway, Doug Cannon ,Fiona Wasik and Betty McMahon.

We all agreed Mike Cochrane won best dressed on day one (above) for Vintage attire followed by Kevin Paget on the second day pictured on the right here.

Notable Individual Achievements:

  • Longest drive went to Jim Wilcox
  • Closest to the pin on #2 went to Matt Wasik
  • Closest to the line on #4 went to Marilyn Lee Cannon
  • Closest to the pig of #5 went to George Corneil

The Celebration

Food, drinks and prizes were enjoyed at the pavilion and everyone went home with a prize and a smile! Geoff Brock was particularly happy with his prize (though Karen Brock was heard to have already posted it on Kijiji :))

Barbie and Scott would like to thank her committee of John and Helen D’Addario, Shawn and Andrea Miranda, Mo and Joe Kennedy, Donna Brash and hot partner Ian (as announced by Barbie at the event!), also special thanks to Ian Lonsway for his help with team selection and registration tent.

Submitted by Barb and Scott Stevenson (with contributions by CC)

Some More Event Photos:



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