Dogs on the Golf Course:  Dogs are not permitted on our golf course during the months of June-September.  Brent is out at all hours, watering and spraying with pesticides which is not healthy for your pets.

Watering on the Course:  Brent is doing his best to keep our course watered during this heat wave, so please do not touch or turn off the sprinklers.

Driving in the Rough:   The reason we do not drive in the rough on our course (unlike every other course) is because we do not water it.  Driving through the rough kills the grass, so your cooperation in keeping golf carts out of it is appreciated.

No Golf Cart Sign:  Please do not take golf carts on the course when the sign has been put up. During heat waves Brent will put the signs up early to mid afternoons.  With the COVID-19 restrictions, we have all been physically distancing by taking out one cart per family, however, the traffic on the course is very damaging in the heat.   It is extremely difficult to keep the turf healthy with high temperatures and your cooperation is appreciated.

Competitions:   Thanks to everyone for signing up.  The draws will be posted on the Cedar Springs website with an eblast going out very soon. Upon receipt, please check as soon as possible to see who you will be playing and make arrangements to have it played.  The first match in each draw is to be completed by Sunday July 19th.

Current handicaps are also posted on the website:

If you have not submitted 5 scorecards in the last two years, you will have to play with a 0 handicap until 5 cards have been submitted.  No exceptions.

Questions about matches:
Questions about handicaps: or

Butting in:   We have received numerous complaints of people butting in to play a couple of holes, particularly on #3.  Please stop this practice.  It is not only rude and inconsiderate, it is very dangerous.   Golfers starting on #1 (knowing no one is ahead of them) can drive the green on #3 and someone could be seriously hurt by a golf ball.   There are no circumstances where you should be butting in on the golf course.

Letting Fast Golfers Play Through:  This is courteous golfing – often a solo golfer or a twosome is out to play a quick round.  Rather than have him or her wait at every tee block, please let the golfers play through.  They will be thankful and you can enjoy your game at your own pace.

The Golf Committee

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