What do I love about Cedar Springs? Having the good fortune of living here for over sixty-four years.

I came from the big city of Toronto not knowing anything about cottage life. I married the girl of my dreams who soon taught me all there was to know about cottage life. Her family bought the cottage in 1927 and 7 years later Bernice had the cottage bug even before she was born. I found out within a short time what a great place Cedar Springs is to bring up a family.

You never had to worry about when the kids left in the morning; at some time they returned for lunch with a group of other hungry kids wanting to be fed or else you knew they wouldn’t be far at another cottage eating. The party line was also a great way to check on what was happening in the community. Our ring was two-long, one short.

We always looked forward to the Saturday night dances and the live big bands in the old barn. The teenagers always went out of their way decorating with big painted murals and signs.

The kids would practice day after day on their diving and swimming to get ready for Sports Day. Sports Day always featured Dr. Moore and his brother-in-law’s antics of coming down the river in his small wooden sail boat heading towards the pool to entertain the crowd with their tricks on the diving board. My older son inherited Dr. Moore’s boat and would spend countless hours playing in the river with his brother and sisters in the back of our place. After a big rain storm the family would get in the boat and go down the river to Lowville. I would go and pick them up.

Dick Moore didn’t hesitate taking the wooden shafts of the golf clubs and cutting them down so the kids could go out and play golf and take lessons from him on Wednesday afternoon.

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