Last Saturday night, the extreme heat, humidity, and rain, could not stop our Cedar Springs record seekers from demonstrating inspiring attempts to break 10 different Guinness World Records, then celebrating by dancing late into the evening to live music from The Way Back band.

In the end the first-place team, led by Captain Matt Reid, had a strong showing in all ten challenges, just beating out the second-place team, led by Captain Julie McDougall by a mere ½ point!

Pictured her the Winning Team of Mike & Laurie, Joanne and Jason  (missing from photo Matt (captain) and Katie)

Second Place Team of the Wasiks and McDougalls – Colin, Lauren, Annie, Julie, Sheri, Tim, and John)

Lee and Sally Hartwell were beaming with pride as Justin Hartwell (pictured below) was named chopstick dice stacking champ with 14 dice stacked in one minute.

Not to be outdone by his dad, Tor Hartwell was recognized for his outstanding flip cup skills with a five cup flip time only 0.74 seconds longer than the world record time.

Mike Meyers stacked coins faster than the machine he probably invented to do it, but hasn’t shown us yet, and Dave Conacher bounced tennis balls on the edge of a racket enough times in 60 seconds for Garett to claim him as partner for tennis weekend.

We knew we had talent in Cedar Springs and are proud to announce two unofficial Guinness Word Record times achieved! Tim Wasik had a five cup flip time of only 2.84 seconds beating the actual Guinness World Record time by 0.69 seconds and Sasha Guay tied and untied a shoelace 32 times in one minute, beating the current record by one. If either of you would like to arrange for an official Guinness World Record attempt the Cedar Springs Community will come out to cheer you on!

Here are photos of the GWR action:

The participants, friends and the committee danced the night away to The Way Backs.

Finally a special thank you from the Bollingers (Graham, Nancy, Nathan, Jordan & Sam) to an amazing committee for all your hard work helping make the evening a great success!

  • Judi, Mark, Dirk and Jack Grebenc
  • Greg and Joanne Blake
  • Ruth Beyers with Susan & Andrew Slater
  • Don and Danielle Fernald
  • Jo and Dan Guatto
  • Dominic and Susan Vivolo
  • Hilary, Garett and Charlie Prins

Graham & Nancy Bollinger

Family. Play. Preserve.