The last Junior Golf event for 2019 was held on Monday August 19th.  It was a morning of fun events!

  • The golfers hit balls into the creek on the 1st hole.  They were retrieved late Monday afternoon under the capable rescue hands of Maryse Wilcox, Dick Marsales, James Kingsmill, Mariana Nezami, and Sarah Wilcox.
  • Frisbees were thrown to the 8th green.
  • The putt on the 2nd green was through metal hoops.
  • TIC TAC TOE was played on the 3rd hole.
  • On the 6th, everyone chipped onto the green as their drive.
  • Putting on the 5th via oven mitts.
  • Alternate balls on the fairways.
  • A gourmet lunch followed with the best hot dogs ever BBQed by Chef Jim Wilcox
    and a gourmet Golf Cake after the event.

So many thanks to all the volunteers who helped throughout the summer –
Susan Taylor Hersey (photographer extra-ordinaire);the caddy drivers – Ruth
Beyers, Roy Skelton, Laura Thornberry, Lauren Wasik, Annie McDougall,
Maureen Crane, Charlie Prins, Jake Thornberry, Danny Forest, Barbie
Stevenson.   My apologies if I forgot anyone.

It was the junior golfers who make the Monday mornings so very special.
Jessie, Ryan, Emily, Henry, Charlotte, Veronica, James, Mariana, Sarah,
Gray, Jack, Teddy, Colin, Liam, Oscar, Tyco, Kepler, Kingston, Eden, Hailey,
Pator, Kaelan.  You are enthusiastic, energetic and extra-ordinaire.

Special thanks – from the bottom of my golf bag – to Maryse and Danny who
are supportive and upbeat and way better golfers than I ever will be.

See you in 2020…..

Family. Play. Preserve.