Due to the circumstances of COVID-19, we were unable to have our traditional in-person KC/DC camp this summer. However, we still wanted to keep the tradition alive and make sure the Cedar Springs kids would have a memorable summer. For the past six weeks, we have had our KC/DC camp virtually.

We have sent out weekly email blasts explaining our theme and the activities to complete that week. We have had an exploration week, kitchen creations week, under the sea week, sports week and animals week! There have been many arts and crafts activities to complete along with sport and beach activities to do.

This week at KC/DC was Disney/Marvel Week!

This week’s activities included making Elsa themed slime from the movie Frozen, making a cardboard-tube car to go with the movie Cars, creating your own Finding Nemo inspired paper plate visor and having a Marvel movie marathon!

Each week, we have also set the campers on a scavenger hunt to find Hannah Thomson’s beautiful painted rocks around the Springs! This week’s two rock riddle clues were:

Going for a swim? Look at the perimeter of the water before you get there.
What is 11 times 204? The answer to that question is where you need to go!

Artwork courtesy of Sarah Wilcox

If you didn’t see these activities and/or didn’t get to participate, please ask your parents to check their emails for our weekly blasts so you can join in on the fun next week which is our Farewell Week!

Artwork courtesy of Veronica Campbell

Artwork courtesy of Eden Cornelius

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