Hello Campers and welcome to Week 2 of KC/DC Camp!!!

Thank you for submitting photos of your activities from Week 1 of KC/DC Camp! It was so great to see all your explorations! If you haven’t submitted your photos of your activities from this week yet, we would love to see them! Please send them to cscc.kcdc2020@gmail.com .

From July 14 – July 17our second week theme is Kitchen Creations.

Please note, these activities may need parental and/or guardian assistance. Remember, the campers can choose to do all of the activities listed or if they just want to complete one or two activities, that is ok! There is no set time to complete the activities during the week.

The Kitchen Creation activities to complete this week are:

  1. Weekly Colouring Pages: Click the links  here >  Picture 1 – Picture 2 – Picture 3  to download the colouring pages to print off. Please let us know if you do not have access to a printer. Remember!! Save your colouring pages as we’ll make a book of them at the end of the season.

  2. Time to get creative in the kitchen! Make a delicious meal and/or bake something yummy with your family!

  3. Need a summer accessory? Let’s make a noodle necklace! Click on this link for instructions 

  4. Want to make homemade playdough using ingredients from your kitchen cupboard? Click on this link for instructions

  5. Paint a photo of anything you want using your own puffy paint! Click on this link  instructions 

  6. Weekly Rock Scavenger Hunt: We hope you were able to find our 2 rocks that we sent you out to find last week! If you didn’t have the chance to find them, we will list the riddle clue again along with two new clues to find the next rocks! Reminder, PLEASE do not touch or pick up the rocks. They MUST stay in the spot you find them.

    1. First rock: This rock is a superhero and you might not come up here that often but go to the cottage with the tall roof!

    2. Second rock: These three rocks are placed together and can be a yummy snack, find them near the hall!

    3. Third rock: You will find these Winnie the Pooh characters at the top of the first hill on route to the Fishers!

    4. Fourth​ rock: This cluster of heart rocks can be found on the roots of the tree by the long jump pits!

We would love to see your completed activities!! Send us a photo of your finished activities as well as your scavenger hunt findings to cscc.kcdc2020@gmail.com – We look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!

To help us make a special activity in our third week of camp, please keep hold of your egg cartons! 

If you have any questions regarding the virtual camp or any of the activities listed above. Please email cscc.kcdc2020@gmail.com.

Looking forward to Week 2!

Thank you and have an amazing weekend.

Rachel Simpson, Abigail Coultice and Dani Zwolak

Family. Play. Preserve.