Fast Facts

  • Rob and Jane Campbell have three children: Jeff, 30 (spouse Carlee and granddaughter Khysen – 22 months), Bryan, 28, and Greg, 25
  • Favorite cocktail: Jane ­– Wine and a Scotch and water as needed (her affinity for scotch and water was a sweet parting gift from her father, and to this day a sip stirs up the fondest of memories of him. Rob – Gin Martini, Extra Dry with Olives (this was the signature drink to which he toasted his early business successes)
  • Favorite vacation spot: Italy (They love everything about the people, country & culture)
  • Favorite things to do during this time of COVID-19 quarantining: Trying new recipes and reconnecting with family through Zoom meetings. Though now that their kids have outgrown the beer age, Rob and Jane have been pleasantly surprised with the increased wine tab since the whole family has been quarantining together.

Some Springers may already know Rob and Jane, as they have been to our quaint community a few times over the past 35 years. In fact, their first visit was with George and Jann Ashley at their first cottage, and they’ve also rented what are now the Miranda and Grebenc cottages.  Cedar Springs has always held a special place in Rob’s heart, but the couple travelled a lot and with a family of three young boys, they were always on the go, so owning a property at CSCC was not in their schedule.

But it was an invitation to look at the Corp cottage that would lead them to the cottage of their dreams. As the Corp property sold internally to the Cochranes, the couple was contacted by Mike and Rita, who invited them out to view their current cottage. After seeing the construction plans that the Cochranes had secured for their cottage rebuild, Rob and Jane saw the potential and fell in love with the home. For them, this was meant to be, they had found their little spot of heaven in the Springs.

Rob and Jane have many ties to the Springs; Joe Kennedy went to school with Rob, and Joe and his sister were the matchmakers who introduced Rob to Jane.

Jane was born in Kingston, Jamaica, her mother’s homeland. Her father was a Canadian ex-pat who had moved to the island to work in the banking industry. After Jamaica gained independence in 1962, the country experienced turmoil throughout the 60s and 70s. During this time Jane and her siblings ended up attending boarding school abroad, with Jane attending Havergal in Toronto. Jane ended up staying in Canada despite that most of her family still lived in Jamaica. Jane and Rob have frequently traveled to the island with the boys throughout the years.

Rob, who was born and raised in Winnipeg until age 11, is officially “retired,” but he has been keeping busy as the Chair of the Ontario Hockey Association, working with his team on the challenge of scheduling the next season whilst in the midst of COVID-19.

All three of their sons have been in involved in sports at the world championship level in one way shape or form. Jeff, as an AHL referee, including the World Junior Hockey Championships (U17 & U18); Greg went to school in the US and plays pro hockey in the states (defenseman) and also played in the World Junior A Championships; and Bryan coaches and plays lacrosse. He also played for team Jamaica’s inaugural entry into the World Lacrosse Championships in Israel. Despite being the lowest ranked team (46) entering the event, they ended up going 7 & 1. (If John Candy were alive at the time, we may have seen a Cool Runnings lacrosse edition sequel!)

Welcome back to the Springs Jane & Rob!

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