Welcome to Cedar Springs Abbey and Robert Chautems!

Fast facts about the Chautems:

  • The Chautems have two children, Richard (wife, Bethany) and Brian (wife, Nicole), as well as three grandchildren (Kaelyn 3, Carter 6 & Taylor 18)
  • Their grand-daughter Taylor is off to Fleming College in the fall of 2020 to study Early Childhood Education
  • Favorite cocktails: Cosmopolitan, Bahama Mamas (and Wine of course)
  • Do they enjoy sunsets? Yes (a good thing based on where they’ve moved)
  • Favorite things to do during this time of quarantining during COVID-19: Tackling puzzles, reading and watching the ‘gong show’ south of the border.

Rob and Abbey met in Montreal; Rob is a native Montrealer (and clearly a Habs fan along with the Allouettes and Expos), while Abbey was born in Guyana, who moved to Toronto then Montreal with her family. Springers will be delighted to know that Rob, whose family hails from Switzerland, is descended from generations of Swiss clock/watchmakers. (Springers with watches in need of repair take note!) Rob has fond memories of summers as a child in Switzerland near Neuchatel in a small community much like Cedar Springs. The lovebirds moved from Montreal to the GTA after finishing school in 1985 and have lived and raised their family in Milton for the last 20 years.

The Chautems enjoy travelling in their RV during the off season, with the Maritimes being their favourite destination. Newfoundland, in particular, holds a special place in their hearts. They plan to embark on a road trip out east at some point this summer/fall and are looking forward to going back to the region.

It may surprise you to know that Rob worked in petroleum propane/gas and that his company worked on various propane installations as well as having done work on various fireplaces/stoves in Cedar Springs, which is how they became familiar with the community and the surrounding area. But it was a purchase of a particular painting that sealed their fate as new members here at the Springs. The painting in question was a limited print of the Dakota Mill that they happened upon at a local art gallery. Last November, Rob began looking up information on the Dakota Mill and its history, and his search led him to our website and the page listing the available cottages for sale. Four days later they became the proud owners of the Meens’ cottage on Sunset after only one viewing! They loved the location and its closeness to their home in Milton. This is their first cottage, and Rob and Abbey are looking forward to enjoying their first Cedar Springs experience.

Welcome again Abbey & Rob.

Family. Play. Preserve.