Community Club Hall Rental Form

The above renter is a member in good standing of Cedar Springs Community Club (the “Club”) and assumes responsibility for all persons attending the event for which the hall is leased, including making such persons aware of applicable Club rules and ensuring that all guests clearly understand the necessity to keep all roadways passable by emergency vehicles and those specific duties as outlined in this application.

Rental Fees to be paid by cheque, at time of booking. Also to be provided at time of booking is a separate cheque signed by the Member renter, in the amount of $1,000, to be used as a security deposit.

The renter understands that ANY expense incurred by the Club due to this rental will be recovered by cashing the security deposit cheque. The renter agrees to the conditions on this form and the attached Terms and Conditions of the Hall Rental.

Any such charges are at the sole discretion of the Board of directors of Cedar Springs Community Club. If for any reason, charges are not satisfied by the above security deposit cheque, charges will be billed to the member and treated as dues for reason of collection.

Member renter has been apprised that Cedar Springs Community Club has obtained and there will be, at the time of the Hall rental, in force property insurance on the Hall, a copy of which is available on request.

Member renter hereby indemnifies Cedar Springs Community Club, its members and the members of the Board of directors from any loss, costs, damages or charges resulting from their rental of this facility to the extent such loss is caused by the Member’s rental and is not insured under the above-noted property insurance.

  • Date Format: YYYY slash MM slash DD
  • Terms and conditions
    1. Access: Door Code will be made available at 2:00 pm the day prior to the rental.
    2. Condition: Member renter will inspect the Hall with a Hall Committee member and make note of any pre-existing conditions or special needs.

      Upon rental completion, Hall will be swept clean and securely locked (including all sliding doors, balcony doors and kitchen door). All garbage, decorations and debris MUST be removed. Confetti is not to be used in the Hall. Non-compliance may trigger a special cleaning fee of $100. Any additional cleaning expense deemed necessary will be recovered from the security deposit cheque.

      Gate house occupants are to be notified in case of an emergency, but only on an emergency basis. Do not approach them concerning the rental on any other issue. All dealings should be with the Hall Committee member(s).
    3. Area: A HALF HALL rental includes the Lounge, Kitchen, Outdoor Kitchen and Bathrooms. A WHOLE HALL rental includes the Great Hall, Stage area, Lounge, Kitchen, Outdoor Kitchen, and Bathrooms. A STAGE rental includes the Stage, Kitchen, Outdoor Kitchen and Bathrooms. Member renters are welcome to make gentle use of the portion of the hall rented and equipment therein only. The Club’s golf course and other lands are NOT included in this rental. Any use of outside lands must be pre-approved.
    4. Rentals include a Sonos Sound System. The sound system requires a personal smart phone or iPad. Music may be streamed online or from playlists on personal device. Volume may also be controlled from your device.
    5. Occupancy:
      • Chairs only (meeting or ceremony) 224
      • Chairs w/ tables (no alcohol) 175
      • Chairs w/tables and alcohol 151
    6. Parking: In order to keep roadways clear for emergency vehicles parking is not allowed beyond the Hall parking lot on Grand Blvd. Overflow parking is available in the pool parking lot. Parking requirements are to be discussed with the Hall Committee member in charge of hall rental prior to rental date.
    7. Attendance: The Member renting the hall must be in attendance at the event unless otherwise re-approved.
    8. Permits: Any permits or licenses required are the sole responsibility of the Member renter. Events where alcohol is served must have a “Special Occasion Permit” from the City of Burlington.

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