We had a record number of 25 golfer’s attending this week, and we were actually cash positive!
After a special breakfast supplied by Simon Campbell (Doug Greco would have been proud), coffee and juice by Roy Skelton (hot and strong), and Baileys by Glen Swire the teams were sent out to attack our Brenholz course.

What a wonderful morning of Golf…at least for some.

On our famous 9th hole, the official game was closest to the hole, NOT past the green. In the last five-some (only at Cedar Springs are they allowed) Garett Prins beat out Paul Swire for the prize of a sleeve of Titanium golf balls. Iain Lonsway disputed this win because his ball was the longest, but the officials disqualified him because his ball was past the green…Sorry Iain!
Thanks to Joe Kennedy, the beer was cold and the chairs were dry and clean.
The golfers got a lesson from Drew Kennedy, who shot 35 gross and with a 3 handicap, a 32 Net. Apparently, he needs to give his Dad some golf tips.

Also notable was a Net 32 by Mark Grebenc (rhymes with fence). Obviously, his handicap should be going way down after two consecutive wins this month!

Thanks all for supporting another Sunday Men’s Sweeps,

Glen Swire

Family. Play. Preserve.