Important things first:

Benedict Bullwinkle Recipe – Fraser Gall style

1) Cook Newfoundland moose meat the night before
2) Make sure griddles etc work before the golfers arrive (advice for others)
3) Scramble up eggs once griddle is hot and add moose meat
4) Place in a nicely warmed wrap
5) Add homemade Bearnaise sauce

Voila! Benedict Bullwinkles guaranteed to firm you up … to speak.
Serve with a smile and send the golfers off to see who shines.

The Golf…

Sure Prins and Lonsway shot in the 37/38 range but the stars of the day go
to John (Jr) Wilmott who shot 43 net 33 and Mike (Mighty Mouse) Reid
who shot 43 net 32. Yes others (Wilcox , Scotty S , J McDougall) shot net 33’s but who really
cares but them.

Lots of players ( 21 ) showed up despite Stroke Play, and kudos to
Charlie Prins who got through 7 holes and then ran to his match.

Editor’s note: Great job by the committee of two – Fraser and Lee – to put on a full breakfast and have the coffee fully ready with cups, cream and sugar ready for 7:45! Teams of 4 have achieved much less! 

Family. Play. Preserve.