Sunday morning (and the coffee) was steaming like a young man’s dreams. With a solid breakfast of egg and peameal on a bun sticking to their ribs, and with the promise of cold beer waiting at #9, twenty-six men headed out to prove something to themselves about their golf game. Prove they did – no less than ten birdies were chalked up by the likes of Ingham, Bulley, Wakani, McDougall, Wilcox, Willmott, Swire, Cochrane, and sniper Fernand, who recorded two birdies and was low net and low gross.

Jim Wilcox took home a sleeve of balls for longest drive on #1. Chris Bulley’s birdie earned his twins some astronaut ice cream courtesy of the Apollopalooza event.

The committee set a new standard for refreshments at #9 with a “wide variety” of beverages having been commandeered from Cochrane’s fridge at the last minute. Apparently when one says, “I will get the beer over to #9”, it includes actually buying the beer. Thankfully no thirst went unquenched.

Your faithful committee led by Dave Hinder (CEO), Chris Bulley and Geoff Ingham (Chefs) and Mike Cochrane (near goat).

Family. Play. Preserve.