Some would assume that after the Triple Crown Event the turn out at Men’s Sweeps would be somewhat sparse…that was not the case as Dave Hinder was the first to greet the dynamic duo of Bob Rogers and Mike Meyers who were busy serving up fresh back bacon and egg sandwiches as the rest of the crowd soon rolled in.

Notable achievements:

  • Rick Browne greeted the thirsty golfers at the ninth green with a variety of cold (and much appreciated) beverages including Caesars.
  • Doug Cannon and Joe McMahon played their match play in what turned out to be a duel of red stake? vs. white stake?. Joe won on 7.
  • The theme this past Sunday was fewest putts and the winner was none other than Iain Lonsway. Shocking.
  • Dan Forrest and Iain Lonsway tied for low gross.
  • Both Bob Rogers and Iain Lonsway holed out on 9 from off the green to the delight of the raucous gallery. Fantastic shots!
This Sunday’s Sweeps hosts are: Swire, Skelton, Kennedy & Campbell S.
See you Sunday morning gentlemen.
Watching teammate tee off at Cedar Springs

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