We’ve entered a new stage in the fight against Nelson Aggregate’s plans to blast two new open-pit mines a few kilometers south of Cedar Springs. The application has been deemed ‘complete’ and government agencies are gearing up for the lengthy (two year?) approval process.

Right now there is a brief window of time during which the City of Burlington will accept emailed comments from the public that will be entered into the official record. Letters must be emailed no later than Aug 21.2020. This is one of two important times when the public can officially enter the record and influence the approval process. This particular stage pertains to a requirement to change the zoning on the proposed sites from ‘rural escarpment’ to ‘mineral extraction’. It’s critical that we flood the city planner’s inbox with our opposition.

Write to:
Ms. Brynn Nheiley, planner

Please cc CORE Burlington on your email to the City of Burl. coreburlington@gmail.com
Include your mailing address or else your input will not be “officially” counted.

I’m publishing Brad Crawford’s excellent letter to inspire you—but I don’t want you to think you have to write a long letter. You can keep yours short-and-to-the-point. What’s important is that there are lots and lots of letters sent to Ms. Nheiley.

If you need help writing your email, go to CORE Burlington’s website and follow the links to a sample form letter from which you can cut-and-paste:

Janet Myers

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