1989 Opening Day Fishing Derby on April 29th

By Mitch Wasik

With the coming of the new fishing season this year, we at Cedar Springs have an obligation and an interest in continuing a tradition…

     In the picture in the hall, we know that Mr. Flatt had a pond built where the Fountain of Youth is now, with an island, and he allowed the residents of Cedar Springs community to fish for brown trout there one day each year. The rest of the year it was set out that only he and his invited guests could fish in this pond. I understand that many poachers knew about the pond and would fish illegally there. Amongst these interlopers were members of the police forces of Hamilton and Burlington.

     If you walk down from the Fountain of Youth you can still see the retaining wall and the splash gate which is still there. Why did he stock the pond with brown trout? I think, because it is one of the best tasting fish caught in these waters and you do not have to take the scales off. You can fry the fish in a pan and the skin comes off easily and the fish is ready to eat.

     …This year we opened the hall on the Friday evening, April 28th, as fishing for brown, speckled, rainbow and lake trout commenced at midnight (or the first minute of the last Saturday in the month of April). Fathers brought members of the family to talk to the experienced anglers and enjoy the drinks and junk food provided. Many thanks go to Glen Yates who showed the participants how to catch worms and put the worms on the hooks.

From Cedar Post, July 16th, 1976

For more information, please refer to the announcement of Mitchell Wasik’s passing this week.


…and this gem from July 27, 1990

Ed. note:

What I love about this picture: thirty years later, five of “the gang” in this photo are owners of their own cottages in Cedar Springs…and Andrew lives just up the road in Kilbride.

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