Dear Springers,

You may have already heard the distressing news about Nelson Aggregate officially submitting their application for those new open-pit mines just down the road from us. This announcement was made yesterday, and reported on in an article in the Burlington Post/Inside Halton. The two new quarries will blast a total of 124 acres of beautiful escarpment lands.–negative-impacts-process-to-expand-controversial-burlington-quarry-has-begun-and-many-residents-aren-t-happy/

Would you please consider posting a comment expressing your opposition to these new quarries in the comment section at the bottom of the Post article? Click on the black bar at the bottom of the article that says, “view/add comments”. To comment, you must register (if you haven’t already) with Inside Halton. It’s free to do so: you just give your name, email, postal code.

Registering with an onilne newspaper is not a bad idea in itself. By doing so, you support the work of local newspapers who will be the ones covering the quarry application process. We want the papers to continue covering this. They will certainly be more inclined to do so if they get a resounding response from readers.

In addition, you’ll see that there are pro-quarry comments going up, like this gem: “Yeah so again, this back to CORE – where are you going to get this natural resource from, Nunavut? Or, are you going to go to Costco instead. What are you really all that stupid. Are you planning on constructing roads and buildings out of corn”

Obviously, I would like to overwhelm the voices of those pro-quarry guys with intelligent, thoughtful comments from people who stand against these two new quarries.

Please also visit our Facebook and Instagram and add your voice there, as well.

And here’s the link to the website for CORE (that’s the anti-quarry that I’m involved in)

Thanks for your support,

Family. Play. Preserve.