In the spirit of the “Porch Side Stories” and the history of Cedar Springs, I would like to introduce you to Sally and Sam Ferguson.

They are the grandparents of Maryse Wilcox and Simon Campbell and once upon a time lived in the Greco cottage. I found a write up about them in a copy of “The Chatterbox” which was written on August 24, 1990. The Chatterbox was the predecessor of the Cedar Post. The Chatterbox’s Editor and Photographer was Warren Biggar and Trish Biggar. Warren was the father and father-in-law of Jay and Joan Biggar.

Sally and Sam Ferguson arrived in Cedar Springs approximately in the 1940s. They remember when the left side of the first fairway was all rock. Many people in the community worked together to make the golf course the way it is today.
Before the days of refrigerators, blocks of ice were delivered from cottage to cottage. George Dent, the supplier, had reason to enjoy his work as he would receive a “wee shot” from his customers. By the time his rounds were completed, he was a happy man.
Sam was President of Cedar Springs twice. His lovely wife laughingly refers to it as being “recycled”. Sally spoke of days when ladies wore floppy hats and white gloves to the Tuesday afternoon teas.

The Fergusons say Cedar Springs is unique and charming. Most people would agree with their description of this beautiful valley that’s tucked away from city lights.

Kathy Kingsmill Marsales

Photo of Sally Ferguson in Haliburton, Ontario 1999

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