With rule master Dan away, the official rule book was abandoned, and the rules of senior golf penned by Dr Watson were in force. Old chestnuts such as the law of gravity having precedence over the rules of golf were seriously being considered.

With only 2 games left before the end of the season what initially looked as a runaway winner for the Dick Cook trophy, has now become a close contest with 3 players in contention. Next weeks crucial game will decide the final winner.

The “hit till your happy” rule on the first was popular with a couple of players using a full sleeve of balls before achieving a playable drive.

John Willmott was definitely focused on adding to his points score as he won the low gross (44) and low net (34). He also won the closest to the pin on #2 and #7. Ariff Wakani won the longest drive on #9.

Thanks to John Willmott and Rod Ulmer for hosting the after-golf drinks and snacks.

Family. Play. Preserve.