…saw Avengers teams Iron Man, Spider-Man and The Hulk compete for the title! They also demonstrated amazing creativity in the sand castle competition! It was a close battle, with Team Spider-Man emerging victorious with Iron Man and The Hulk following close behind. Congratulations to all Avengers!

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen. Thank you Brent and crew for preparing the field area, painting benches and delivering equipment. Tim set up our sound system while the Wasiks fed the paraders. Ian set up the tent and the Bollingers painted the lines. Kevin helped install lane markers. Judi and Mark helped with photography and results. Chris, Dick, Matthew, Liam, Jesse, and Reese froze as linesmen. Thanks to Lee for his amazing MC work and Laurie for opening the games and presenting the ribbons to our champions. The organizing team of the Rogers, Swires, Searle, Whitesons, Conachers, Wakanis and McKintys did a great job of planning and running the event. Thanks so much everyone! Go the website Photo Gallery to see more great pictures from the events.

Sports Day Individual Category Winners

Ryan Miranda B 13-18 Ella Bulley G 13-18
Noah Thronberry B 11-12

Emily Miranda G 11-12

Liam Skelton B 9-10 Reese Kalverda G 9-10
Kepler Hamp B 7-8 Eden Cornelius G 7-8
Kaelan Calder-Nagy B 5-6 Ara Markey (Browne) G 5-6

Sports Day Marathon Winners

TOP 3 MEN: Ryan Miranda (8:31), Liam Skelton (10:04), Noah Thornberry (10:07).

TOP 3 WOMEN: Dani Zwolak (10:31), Emily Miranda (11:30) and Kate Gurowka (12:07).


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