I was President of Cedar Springs in 1992-93. Judy and I were really impressed by the all the things different people did to make this community function so well. These are the people who make outstanding contributions to make Cedar Springs better. The challenge was how do we recognize these people and their contributions.

I had a few friends who had received the Order of Canada: Jack Pelech was the only Springer to receive the Order for his over 30 years of chairing the Canada Games in the development of high level athletes. Anyway, Judy and I thought: why don’t we create the Order of Cedar Springs to give recognition to people who have worked to make Cedar Springs better.

Since we were relatively new to the Springs we recognized you do not move ahead and do big things as Newbies. So we thought we should see if the club Patriarch, Dr. Earl Lamont would lead the initiative. He agreed to take it on and did a great job in getting it going. He set out the approach and the considerations in making selections. He suggested a committee he would chair to make decisions, but in true Lamont fashion, the committee never met. He did get Sally Hartwell to design the pin and she did an incredible job. It is a beautiful pin. Ross Ashely, made the pins.

Dr. Lamont had declared two pins should be awarded each year-for a man and a woman. In the first year he awarded all ten pins. I think it was too hard to for him to pick just two of his friends!

After that he went to me and said, “You and Judy should continue the process. By the way, you’ll need more pins.” So, we got more Order of Cedar Springs pins, and carried on as the good doctor had prescribed: same decision-making approach, indepenent, privately funded, getting ideas from the community, most years two people, sometimes one, sometimes none. Only one time, there were three. In fact, with the contributions many have continued to make, they could be re-awarded.

Dr. Earl Lamont, 1992, aged 90, in his cottage for a family reunion

The award process ground to a halt in 2012. The Springs had a lot of cottage turnover and most people who had done good things already had pins. And as we senior Pagets aged, we lost touch with the driving forces in the community.

So, Kevin and Jody are taking over. They have more pins and we look forward to seeing people being recognized for the contributions they make to Cedar Springs.

Neil Paget


Editor’s Notes:

(1) Jack Pelech (as noted in Neil’s article) is not the only Springer to have been honoured with the Order of Canada. Barbara Schmidt was invested in the Order on Feb. 12, 2016 for “her contributions to advancing the standard of care for critically ill newborns in Canada and abroad.”

(2)Thanks to Jann Ashley for supplying the picture of the Order of Cedar Springs pin made by her brother, 3rd generation jeweler, Ross Ashley.

(3) Judi Grebenc noted that her grandfather, Doc Lamont’s, favourite golf saying was: “You drive for show but you putt for dough!”

Janet Myers

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