As the bugle sounded the ten minute to post signal, the Cedar Springs mares and stallions were mingling and stomping in the gate, some were seen imbibing in energy and enhancing fluids to improve their performance. The gun sounded, the gates opened, and the herd was flooding the track to the first of the four corners, jostling and parking ten wide to find clear access to the quarter turn.

The first turn took them to the Kingsmill cottage for the Kentucky Derby, complete with roses, sticky buns and Budweiser Black specialty beer. After a wild turn, the herd headed slightly up the incline to the Simpson Belmont for a look at the carnations and quick sip at Seans famous watering hole. The backstretch led all to last turn at Betty McMahon’s Preakness, replete with genuine black eyed Susans and still another watering opportunity.

Nose to nose, the final stretch led to a brilliant finish at the hall, a photo finish with the crowd roaring. Five off the Tee, with Lauren Wasik, completed the evening with a rock and rolling 90 minutes of surprisingly tight music that had everyone on their feet dancing and singing.

Thanks to Thompsons hard working team, Simpsons, Galls, McMahons, Cornelius’ and Sproule / Cravens, the many volunteers and The Kingsmills who generously opened their cottage to all the horses.

The winner was all who attended.

Ben Sproule

As an aside, we all loved the shirts worn by Committee members.


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