After many years of being committed to the youth of Cedar Springs, Sheri Wasik is stepping down from her role of Coordinator of the Youth Committee. Huge thank you to Sheri for the dedication, commitment and the fun times you’ve facilitated for the kids of Cedar Springs.

However, now comes the hard part….

WANTED – A CSCC Youth Committee Coordinator.

Along with the members of the Youth Committee, coordinate the Youth and KC/DC summer programming at CSCC
this fall
How long:
3 years (approx)

1) hire summer staff
2) help with fun programming throughout the summer
3) run Youth Committee meetings with a team of fantastic community members
4) have a blast with the kids of Cedar Springs and connect with the youth of our community

(Sheri is available to mentor the first year – if you would like….It’s a great opportunity to get to know everyone)

If you have questions, or would like to put your name forward please send emails to:

Family. Play. Preserve.