“We picture the purity of its northern frontiers, the openness of its prairies, it’s richness of nature and forests, it’s hard edged shield, it’s boundless waters and it’s ever perfect seasons. This mirrors the people of this country past and present that have stepped up when it’s been tough and again when it’s about peace. Yes, and a country striving to be better at what matters while still being our brothers keeper. Canada!”  Chris and Judy Johnston

“Four seasons; four adventures. Indoor or outdoor, for all of life’s pleasures.”  Duane  Cornelius

“Having retreated to Cedar Springs for many years from the hot summers in the UAE and Florida…we love cool crisp Canadian mornings and sitting on the front porch with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, wrapped in a blanket.”  Toni-Lynn Jackson              

“I love Canadian innovation: IMAX, sonar, egg-carton, Blackberry, Canadarm, foghorn, ginger ale, walkie-talkie, snowmobile, insulin, Jolly Jumper, basketball, ice hockey, cardiac pacemaker, hydrofoil, electric wheelchair, Trivial Pursuit, Plexiglas, kerosene, paint roller, commercial jet, instant replay, Butter Tart, Ebola vaccine.”     Mike Myers

“We especially like the friendly, caring people; the many beautiful provinces, forests and lakes; as well as skiing, hiking, swimming and the many diverse cultures. Happy Canada day!!!” Gregg and Jo-Ann Blake    


“Having travelled to many places I always feel fortunate of how safe and tolerant Canada is, for the most part. We don’t have the divisiveness of the US.”  Matt Wasik

“What I love most about being Canadian isn’t a thing but a feeling. Canadians are like that good old friend next door. Loved and trusted around the world because it’s never just about us—it’s about everyone together.”  Fiona Robertson

“I’m proud to be a native Canadian. I love our Maple Leaf because I think it’s a beautiful symbol that represents who we are as a nation. When we raise the Canadian flag, that Maple Leaf reminds us of who were are as a collective—strong and respectful people who live in an amazing country that is filled with opportunity.”  Laurie Reid

“I love the calm, friendly nature of our fellow Canadians, the peaceful tranquility of Canada, and the pride that comes with being a citizen of this great country.” Mike Reid                              


“Canada: Peace, Order and Good Government. Trump: ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Brad Crawford

“Diversity across and within Canada, though not quite enough yet—tolerance of Canadians.”  Haresh Kirpalani & Barbara Schmidt

“What we love about Canada and Canadians is that they are always very polite and will always say ‘Sorry’ even when it’s not in any way their fault.”  Sandy & Geoff Ingham

“The crackle of a bonfire, roasting marshmallows, marshmallows catching fire (only one person likes burnt marshmallows), fireflies in the fields, peeping frogs, chirping crickets—the sounds and smells of a great summer evening.”  Joyce Ytsma

“I love the fact that we have four distinct seasons and in particular the beautiful colours of the trees in the fall.”  Judi Grebenc

“I feel so lucky to have been born in Canada where we strive to be fair and equitable to all our citizens. It’s not perfect but we continue to work towards it.”  Mark Grebenc

I love that our national symbol is the beaver. No bloody-clawed predators for us, swooping down for the kill: no sirree, our country is symbolized by an unassuming, hardworking busy-body, who spends a lot of time fussing with their house, mucking about in a winter coat, and enjoying peaceful night swims on summer lakes.”  Janet Myers

“I feel that we are the luckiest people on the planet. Living in Canada offers something for everyone, from the Pacific to the mighty Atlantic. Our beautiful seasons and diversity of the population. There is so much to be happy for. We love Canada.”  Betty McMahon

“I love the smell of cooking lobsters on an open wood fire pit with family and friends on Bob Lake.”  John Brouwers

“Our Canada: the wonder of spying a Great Blue threading the creek in a silent glide.”  Susan Hersey

“As a kid, coming home, after the ten o’clock curfew, following the pale ribbon of road under a full moon and seeing the Big Dipper over the cottage.”  Mark Taylor

“The 500+ native birds.”  John Olmsted

The seasonal changes…the greening of spring, languid summer days, autumn’s vibrant colors, and the peaceful silence of winter’s falling snow.”  Donelda Olmsted     

“I love the beauty of freshly snow-covered pine trees.”  Arash Arani

“I love Canada because it is a great place to be a parent.  I feel so fortunate to be able to raise my children in a safe country filled with opportunities.”  Iain Lonsway

“I love Canada because that’s where Cedar Springs community is. I always look forward to coming through the gates.”  Eleanor Smith

“I love the four seasons, the anticipation of spring after a long wondrous snowy winter. The fresh spring air that brings our beautiful flowers and the hot humid summers that make me beg for fall. I would not trade my home for anything.”  Joan Biggar

“We’ve been very fortunate to explore many countries. Every single time we return, we think of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, who said, ‘there’s no place like home’! How true!”  The Swires

“I love that we live in a country that the rest of the world considers to have the nicest people.”  Robin Hinchliffe

“We love Canada because it has four seasons.  Each season has it’s own specialty; it’s the excitement of looking forward to seeing what the next one will bring.”   Kingsmill cottage: Kathy and Dick

“I love Canada’s: cultural diversity; global reputation of being a caring, friendly country; poutine; beaver tails (food snack, although real Beavers have cool tails too);19 year old age limit for alcohol consumption; non-focus on political bias to determine who you like or dislike; health care plan for everyone; structure around gun control; openness; natural beauty.”  (Sorry, I couldn’t think of just one…) Chris Zwolak

“Who doesn’t love CANADA, eh!”  Cheryl Hinder                                        

Family. Play. Preserve.