Here is the line up for the 2020 Labour Day Classic in case you were worried you’d spend the day drinking alone.

2020 Labour Day Classic Lineup

Iain and Carol Lonsway
Lee H
Carol and Fraser G
Fiona and Matt W
Anne and Rick B
Linda and Chris T
Jo-anne and Jason W
Chris and Patricia B
Hilary and Garett P
Ariff and Julie W
Karen Russell
Mary-Ann and Mark S
Jann and George C
Jen and Roy S
Sandy and Geoff I
Toni Lynne J
Kevin and Jody P
Doug Munro
Ian and Donna B
Jo-Ann Blake
Doreen G
Mike Myers
Jane and Bob R
Doug and MarilynC
Jen and Sandy C
Gwyn R
Debbie and Shane C
Mike and Rita C
Don and Danielle F
Glen Swire
Betty McM
John (Hairy) Wilmott
Bob Conboy
Kathy K
Mo K
Scott and Barbie S
David and Maureen C
The Brockinator

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