Summer Take Off, Eh! BBQ

The first ‘official’ event of the 2019 summer social scene was blessed with hot weather, crowds of Springers, hamburgers, hot dogs, and sticky s’mores! Team Garner spearheaded a fun, relaxed opportunity for members to catch up after a winter apart. As you can see from the pictures below, we took advantage of the entire Pavilion/Beach area. Just over 200 people registered for the event, and we’re guessing that most of those people did attend.

Thanks to: Joyce Ytsma for creating the caesar garnishes (a work of art), to Arash Arani for the s’mores, Rick Browne for the caesars, Eleanor and John Wilmot/Smith for shopping and providing bar help, Lin Munro for photography skills, George Garner and Doug Munro for cooking, and Doreen Garner for shopping/planning/organizing and keeping us all in line.


Andrea and Cassia

Apparently some BBQ goers went well into the night and in fact Mr Hinder did NOT make Men’s Sweeps…


It was a beautiful night that was the culmination of a spectacular Canada Day Weekend at The Springs! Oh Canada was sung powerfully by Lauren Wasik and accompanied by many proud Springers.

The wait for the fireworks was difficult – the sun didn’t seem to want to fade – and Gary Edwards succumbed to the pressure from the kids and started off a well executed fireworks display. A packed first tee and rooftop audience took it all in and could be heard chanting “one more song” when it seemed the main chorus was done. The brave lighters returned for a final round and left the crowd happy they’d come out. We can now say that summer 2019 has officially started!

The event was kicked off with “O Canada” led by Lauren Wasik. Lauren is pictured here with Annie McDougall at the voice warm up on the McDougall’s new deck.

Red and white was seen all around The Springs.

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