Thanks to Rob and Karen Russell for hosting a great set of Pickleball Clinics over the weekend at our fabulous new Pickleball Courts!! Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced types all got to benefit from the strong coaching techniques the Russell’s employ. Phil Jackson would be pleased!

Pickleball Participation was Perfect!

As soon as the paint had dried,  the Pickleball enthusiasts descended on the Pickleball courts.  People were keen to understand  stroke mechanics, court positioning and scoring.  The eagerness to take it all in and be part of the weekend was so evident.  Soon we were seeing serves deep into the court, volleys landing firmly and even some third shot drop shots.

Pickleball is gaining such popularity due to it’s quick learning curve.  We could hear people saying, I didn’t think I could play this game, and now I am loving it.  Many attended not one, not two but three clinics over the course of the weekend.
Pickleball, like tennis, has many levels of play.  This allows everyone to have fun and experience success on the court.
Due to the overwhelming demand, clinics will run again this weekend.
Saturday 9:30 Beginners/ Advanced Beginners
               10:30. Intermediate/ Advanced
Sunday 3:00. Beginners / Advanced Beginners
             4:00 – 6:00  Intermediate/ Advanced Round Robin
Pickleball has racquets.  We have enjoyed our Paddletek racquets.  Prince is also popular.
Hope to see more of you out this weekend!
Rob and Karen


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