Dear Ms. Nheiley,

I am writing to place on record my opposition to the application from Nelson Aggregate to blast two new open-pit mines in Burlington’s escarpment. You may recall my remarks when I spoke against it right at the end of the meeting at the Burlington Springs golf club earlier this year.

I have enjoyed the rich environmental characteristics of a recreational property in the Cedar Springs Community since 1989. Before I purchased that property, my researches turned up assurances from several sources that the quarrying being conducted South of the intersection of Blind Line and Colling Road was scheduled to terminate after 50 years of exploitation. I was also informed that, as quarrying at that site had begun in 1953, 36 of the 50 years had already elapsed. It seemed to me, then, that the worst environmental damage would already have been inflicted, and remediation of the site to a lake and parkland would follow soon.

I am opposed to these new quarries because they have already been inflicted on a long-suffering area for an unconscionable length of time. The Ford government has been explicit in its policy of giving top priority to promoting growth in the Golden Horseshoe. The Annual Report of the Ministry of Natural Resources for 2018—2019 (which has been removed from the website, likely because it confirmed that environmental issues were going to be subordinated to economic growth during the tenure of the Ford government) made the same point. You can see that the Minster re-iterated it at about the same time in a news release in February, which you may still find at  “Ontario Committed to Promoting Economic Growth in Aggregate Industry” .

I am deeply concerned about the continuation of the negative impact that the quarrying of Burlington’s Niagara Escarpment UNESCO World Biosphere has already had, and may now continue to have for another 30 or 40 years.

Our communities have made a significant contribution to Premier Ford’s economic policy already, as well as to its predecessors. Enough is enough! North Burlington is not the only site of marketable aggregate available. If limiting the environmental damage of heavy aggregate-bearing trucks is a legitimate concern, the government should exploit the abundant aggregate bodies North of Superior and ship the product to Hamilton, Burlington and Toronto by lakers, as we did for wheat for a century. It is demonstrably foolish development policy to conduct quarrying operations in a sensitive environmental area so close to residential areas and recreational facilities. Blasting aggregate and trucking it through developed residential and recreational areas is a violation of the most fundamental principles of good development and destructive of the amenities of the area that Mr. Ford’s government hypocritically claim to be determined to protect and foster.

Yours very truly,

Bradley Crawford Q.C.
2234 Forest Hill,
Cedar Springs Community
Burlington, ON, L7P 1N0

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