Being called early on a Saturday morning by boy-and-girl-made noise does strange things to people. In my case the situation was easy. I had the duty of waking the three wakers. Something like the sun does for the rooster. Then I had to get back into bed so that the wakers would have someone to waken. It’s terribly disconcerting to wakers to have no one to wake. Then it struck me. Not everybody is supposed to participate in everything that happens in the Springs. Just think of the results if 80 cottage people and their friends all got up at the same time, travelled to the Barn armed with Horns and Sticks and Kettles and Drums and Bugles to make a trip twice around the Springs calling out HONK-HONK-HONK-GET UP SAM-BLOW! BLOW! HONK-HONK-BANG! BANG! GET UP McCRADY’S…ETC. only to find out that they were not there, but in the parade. So, instead of all the worry about non-participation, we should be glad that we have the “CALLED” and the “CALLERS” (the youse and the me’s). The only difference between what is happening this year and what has happened every other year, is that the former Callers are now the Called…just as it should be. What is important is that the balance between the two remain constant. Essentially, the Springs will always be the Springs.

O.N. Swen, Editor-in-chief
Cedar Post, Aug. 8, 1972

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