Rules for Competition.

General Rules

All Tournament rules apply – drops, out of bounds, unplayable, red stakes etc.

Prior to the match, determine the tie breaker.  You can choose 1, 3 or another 9 holes.  Same handicap stroke allocation apply again.

If you have not posted 5 cards since 2018, you will be playing with a “0” handicap as outlined in the signup.  You can establish your handicap by submitting the missing cards prior to your match. However that is not a reason to delay your match after any draw deadlines.

Due to the short season and change of management, strict adherence to the deadlines will be enforced.

Handicaps will be posted online and updated to correspond with each new draw date.

Final matches are 18 holes.

Contact with match results.

Contact for questions regarding handicaps.

Husband and Wife

Use the ladies handicap holes

Men tee off from odd number holes and women tee off from even number holes.  Only exception is that if a man (Ben)  tees off on #1 and goes into the woods, the woman (Sue) would then use the red tees to tee off for their third shot.

Handicaps are 2/3 of 1/2.  For Example: the Craven/Sproule’s have a combined handicap of 18.  If we were playing the Thomson’s they have a combined handicap of 21.

The difference is 3.
1/2 of 3 is 1 1/2
2/3 of 1 1/2 is 1
We owe the Thomson’s 1 stroke
The #1 handicap hole for the ladies is Hole#1 so we owe them 1 stroke on the 1st hole (including extra holes for ties)

Men’s 18+

Men always use white tees

Handicaps are 2/3.

Men’s 60+ and Women’s 18+

Men can use Senior tees.  Women can use Red tees.

Handicaps are 2/3.

Current handicaps as of July 12th are available below:

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