The sun was shining and the rain actually stopped for the first CSCC Ladies Golf Retreat on June 7&8. The 12 spots were quickly scooped up for this intensive 12 hour on course golf clinic. We were so fortunate to be lead by 4 fantastic female golf pros, one of which was former Cedar Springer Deborah Lee Eldridge. From chipping and putting to power and drives we watched and learned how to improve these shots. Then we learned how to make those uphill, downhill and sidehill lies that are inevitable at Cedar Springs. The most valuable part of this experience must have been the on course playing lessons with each group having their own pro to help them tackle each shot. Golf is a rare sport in that you don’t usually get the opportunity to practise on the surface you play on. We practise our drives at the range but that makes up less than 18% of the game!our drives at the range but that makes up less than 18% of the game!

An exhausting but very gratifying golf retreat allowed us to improve our game and spend some quality time together with fellow Springers. The lead pro, Fareen Samji, emphasized strategy for our game, rephrasing our internal dialogue and supporting each other in a positive way. We were so fortunate to have this unique experience and look forward to sharing our golf tips with you all!

While this retreat is a wrap, we have Deb Eldridge returning to the course for a 5 lesson package for 8 of our new and beginner golfers. We wish them well and hope that they catch the CSCC “Golf Bug”.

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