Congratulations to John and Donelda Olmsted, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 15th. After a small wedding in Oshawa on a hot day in 1970 they hit the road for eighteen months, hitchhiking through Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia at a time where they communicated home via telegram instead of instagram, and traveled from Australia from South Africa via cargo ship. The adventure has continued ever since. John grew up visiting Cedar Springs with his friend Dave Bissell (uncle of Geoff Brock), which motivated the purchase of the Olmsted cottage on Cedar Springs road in 1973. John and Donelda had a view to moving inside the gates when the right place came along, only to discover how good the “roadies” have it. Cedar Springs has been a big part of our family for forty-seven summers (John and Donelda had several blissful years before the children came along) and we look forward to many more.

Paige and Garth Olmsted

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