A fun night was had by all in what turned out to be a spectacular night to watch a movie under the stars.  The night started with entering the drive-in via two Saturn V rockets.

The kids and adults alike were then treated to a cornucopia of activities, experiences and events.

The ‘Moon Walk’ experience hosted by the Engineering Master’s of the Springs, the Myers family, involved having the kids walk across the length of the beach while being suspended via a cable and bungee cords.  It was a blast, and more than a few kids commented on how fun it was and could not stop laughing during their walk.

A popcorn and hot dog machine were available to keep us all fed, (a certain famous drummer here at the Springs really enjoyed the popcorn), and the delivery method for the hot dogs, was a true spaceship experience.  Hot dogs being blasted off across the sports court for the waiting patrons to catch and eat.

Lastly, before show time, we gathered around and began a countdown to see the launching of a rocket.  It shot off so fast and went so high in the air that, although not confirmed, we think it safely landed on top of the Schmeer cottage kilometers away.

The movie portion was started with a quick Jetsons episode, followed by the main feature Hidden Figures.  It was a surreal experience to watch a movie under the stars, where we were even treated to the Big Dipper right above the screen as well as some lucky individuals seeing a shooting star. (confirmed by Dani Zwolak and Lauren Wasik)

It was a lot of hard work in the set-up and tear down but well worth it as it turned out great.  Special thanks to all the Springers that turned out to enjoy the event as well as the committee members, the Myers, Guay, Fisher, and Zwolak families.


Great fun doing the ‘Moon Walk”!

An excellent concession stand selling popcorn, candy, drinks and of course,the Hot Dogs (to be launched)


Oh… and there was movies. The Jetson’s and the Oscar Winning film “Hidden Figures”.


The Screen and sound system were first rate too! Well done committee!!




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